Dec 15, 2009

Painting for Christmas

Dec 15, 2009 0
Painting Christmas presents is one of my favorite things to do ! This year I only did two paintings . I just love the fact that I can give someone a gift from my heart and soul . Art is one of those gifts that keeps on giving . My children and I over the last few years we go to Michaels to get materials to make a Christmas ornaments to go on the Christmas Tree . When they get older and move on as an adult they will take the ornaments with them to put on their Christmas Trees to share with their family ! This is what Christmas means to me , the gifts of love and sharing that with our children and loved ones . As a child we'd make Christmas cookies and frost them . Some of those cookies were burned but, that did not matter ! My mother always also made her clam chowder soup and garlic bread ! We'd then finish the evening off at church at midnight to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus . These are traditions of love are ones I still do with my children and always will !
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