Aug 28, 2009

I love circus themed Art !

Aug 28, 2009 0
More and more I love circus themed art . These are fun paintings to do ! So much of a circus is fantasy anyways . This last painting I finished was of monkeys at the circus. They are monkeys that are in charge and cracking the whip ! Themed paintings are my favorite paintings to create as it is such a freedom of whimsical expression . A lot of artist paint what they see instead of using their imagination from what is within . I use images as a ideas and then I create my own paintings from what I want to be my own .

Aug 21, 2009

I Sold Two Paintings Today !

Aug 21, 2009 0
It is always interesting when you go to show someone your paintings and then they end up loving them ! I love to see a persons expression as they see what you have created as an artist for the first time. The computer is such a great way to see our body of work , but it is something else to see a painting in front of you . The textures and colors are what define and make us such a diverse group of artists ! I feel very lucky to be able to capture my vision and put it on canvas ! The paintings I sold today are two very different lighthouse scenes . These lighthouse paintings were memories I remember as a child going to the San Fransisco Bay , with my father . I'm glad that someone is going to have a timeless enjoyment of one of the greatest memories of my past in their home !

Aug 14, 2009

Starting a new painting !

Aug 14, 2009 1
The painting I'm gonna be working on is of a horse and a tiny jockey . This is for someone who likes themed work . These are my favorite paintings to paint because they tell a story ! I love all of my work to capture people , places , or a time period .

Aug 6, 2009

Today is a special day !

Aug 6, 2009 0
On this day August 6th , 1994 was the day I married my husband ! He really inspired me to really become an artist ! He saw my gifts before I did and I love him for that ! I'm really grateful that he is in my life ! He is not only my husband but my best friend ! All great gifts are the ones that money cannot buy , but ones that capture our soul !
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