Jan 7, 2010

Mexican Pueblo's

Jan 7, 2010 0

I was looking through images of New Mexico's Pueblo's and they are so beautiful ! Just the colors and structures of them are really a thing to see ! My next series of painting's will be on the New Mexico Pueblo's . I wonder about the history of these pueblo's . Just how these are so simplistic in shape and size . It really reminds me of my Grandma Dora .This is why I feel such a strong connection with this next set of paintings for me it is so spiritual . As an artist whenever I paint it has been something from my past childhood of loving memories ! I'm really glad I can express that on canvas , I had so many great memories with my Grandma Dora !

Jan 1, 2010

Happy New Year !

Jan 1, 2010 2
Had a great time ringing in the New Year this year with my family . My New Years resolution is to paint more , love more , and give more . What I hope for others is to express your artistic abilities because we all have them ! You just have to try fear is what stops us from our true selves .We all have some form whether we paint ,draw , sculpt , or just do crafts . You just have to try you just might love it !
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