Jun 27, 2010

Lot's to do !

Jun 27, 2010 0
This summer has flown in so fast . I have been very busy getting pieces done for Project Grace Guild and my first Art Show ! I'm so excited about both events . I feel like a Hoot Owl sometimes as once I get started painting I don't want to stop .The 3-4 am time frame sneaks up on me ever so often ! I'm doing smaller pieces for my Art Show and I did two larger pieces for Project Grace. I'm trying to show a little diversity in the things I love to paint .I'm so Grateful for Coffee ! There are not enough hours in the day ! I think at some point my husband will find me asleep on my art room floor :D

Jun 15, 2010

Painting of Snoqualmie Falls

Jun 15, 2010 0
I painted the Snoqualmie Falls up here in Snoqualmie ,Washington . The painting itself has been enjoyable to do . There are many versions of it but I truly was glad to paint it as it would look at night .I had never done a waterfall before. This painting was a good little journey for me . I painted it for my friend Giovanna as she has wanted a painting of The Snoqualmie Falls .When I paint for a friend or someone I know I feel honored as the artist having the chance to capture something they love .

Jun 3, 2010

Steve's Coffee - Zoka's

Jun 3, 2010 0
I got asked a week ago to have my paintings up at Steve's Coffee - Zoka's ! This was really exciting for me ! I was also a little nervous about it as I've only shown my work on Ebay and my blog . My son and I went to put it up he is my helper . It looks very nice up on their walls .The paintings will be up there for the month of June .Steve is trying to show support for the artists in our area .This is a great thing he is doing .I'm truly Thankful and Grateful to Steve for asking me!
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