Feb 7, 2010

Ships In the Harbor

Feb 7, 2010 0

Another gift that was given to my daughter on Christmas! I finally got around to getting the painting photographed to share with everyone on line!

The Lonely Lighthouse

Yet another lighthouse to add to the collection! This was given as a gift to my daughter.

Feb 4, 2010

Painting for Project Grace !

Feb 4, 2010 0
I was so honored that I was asked to donate paintings for Project Grace ! The theme will be night time landscapes . I love the beautiful colors in the images, I'm going to be using . One is very dominately blue and the other red . Project Grace runs close to my heart as my gift of painting will be put to good use to help someone . If you go to Project Grace on face Book you will see what it is about .This definitely runs close to my heart !
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