Jun 5, 2009

My New Eyes

Jun 5, 2009

This week for me has been a little hard I got some bad news from a retina specialist. My eyesight of partial distorted blindness is permanent . This a little challenging to me as an artist! I will still paint no matter what ! Painting is in my soul ! It is the greatest form of emotional expression to me ! This has taught me that my pain will make me persevere even more no matter what !


Paula Villanova

I'm glad you are keeping a positive attitude and will keep up with your painting. Best of luck and take care of yourself...you're right...when we're artists, painting is a part of who we are!


beautiful work...
out visiting ..
good luck..
mona & the girls

Jill Saitta

Hello Paul , Thank You for your response . It just is gonna take me some time to get use to what my eyes want to do. When ever we as artists start a new painting that is a great new challenge with in itself!

Jill Saitta

Hi Mona and the Girls ,Thank You for your comments! It is so wonderful that we have a world of some pretty great artist ! I think that art is the window to imagination transformed onto canvas! How great is that!


I saw your paintings and they are amazing!
It's sad to hear you are not well. Even sadder that from all the problems to get, you got the one that concerns your eyes.

I hope this doesnt stop you from painting more breathtaking images though! keet it up.

Jill Saitta

Thank you for your words of encouragement, and even if I couldn't see I would try my best to paint. Thank you again, Jill

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