Aug 21, 2010

Project Grace Children's Guild and Auction

Aug 21, 2010
Last night was the Project Grace auction . This is a charity for uncompensated care for Seattle Children's Hospital . It was a beautiful event . I was very touched by this charity . A mother of a child at Children's Hospital ,stood up on the small stage and told her story , while images of her baby showed him and his illness. Her sons illness is a rare disorder . She is a mother like so many of us and a brave one ! It was also Beautiful to see actual paintings from children on the tables up for auction also . Next year I hope more people donate . I told them I will be donating every year as this charity makes painting for me as an artist so rewarding! As anyone of us ,or some of us could or have went through a situation where our children are really sick . God Bless these women who have started this charity and really made it a Success !


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